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Advertising Strategies for All

A clear marketing strategy is essential for any successful business. There are companies that have established themselves and made a name for themselves in the market. In some cases specific products are synonymously associated with specific companies. Obviously, these companies take advertising and marketing very seriously and have harnessed their potential to make (or break) their brand. They are frequently razor -focused on providing the best customer experience possible because in the end, it is the customer who matters most.

Common strategies include:

1. Internet advertising
Internet marketing, AKA online marketing is an effective way to advertise, regardless of the size of the company; tiny or gigantic, most companies can benefit tremendously from internet marketing if done right. The combination of web and email services helps save money and drive e-commerce sales. It is approximated that global e-commerce will reach $4.5 billion by 2021.

2.) Television and Radio
Despite the popularity of digital media in today’s society, traditional advertising formats in the form of television and radio ads is very effective for large and medium companies. Such companies can bear the costs of advertising unlike small companies. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with other internet-related advertising activities, traditional advertising methods are efficient.

3. Paid media advertising
In order to grow their website traffics, companies can use paid media as a tool for paid advertising. Today, one popular method is pay-per-click (PPC) links. The working mechanism of paid media is that a company buys/ sponsors a link. This link will appear as an ad in search engine results when a person searches keywords related to the company’s product or service. A small fee is paid by the company to the search engine for every visitor to the site.
You can do this on your own, such as with Google or Bing ads, or you can hire a marketing company to run a campaign for you. While this may, or may not prove to have a good ROI for your particular business, it is worth trying. Most campaigns don’t cost an arm and a leg to get started.

4. Social networks
Social media is highly effective in increasing a company’s visibility and traffic when used appropriately. A high percentage of companies, again, ranging from tiny mom and pop stores to multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies, have a social media presence to keep their customers, as well as potential customers, up to date with their products and services, or someone just keep their brand in the forefront of their minds; and social media advertising is very cost-effective, making it even more appealing to a wide range of companies. There are various social media platforms via which you can advertise, such as Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, to name a few.

5. Business cards
Since you never know when you will meet a great contact, it is imperative for key employees to keep business cards with them wherever they go; but nowadays, there are many more choices than in the past. You may want to ditch the paper cards for the new wave in business cards – digital cards. Digital business cards make it easier to send potential clients vital contact information, as well as a link to a video, website, or documents about the company. Who doesn’t take business cards from people they meet just to be polite, then throw them in the trashcan soon thereafter, never even remembering the individual who gave it to them? When you send a contact your digital card, they can save it as a contact on their cell phone or simply save the email for future use. Either way, you are giving them access to much more compelling information about you than just your name and phone number. Seen any good branding videos recently? Who can resist them? Now you can attach yours to your digital business card and engage your potential clients instead of boring them with a standard card.

6. Press releases
Press releases are an important way to put your business on the map and call attention to your company. Through press releases, consumers become aware of the existence of and relevant information pertaining to your company. Press releases also help you establish a relationship with potential customers. Some press release companies even offer bundled services, whereby you can buy press releases in bulk at a discount, and even add on a media contact list an other perks for an extra fee.

7. Newspaper/ magazine advertisement features
Newspapers and magazines may soon be overtaken by digital media but they are very effective advertising tools. The consistency of newspaper ads has led people to rely on them even with the infiltration of digital content. This is especially useful of reaching a wider local market. There are a variety of advertising strategies one can seek, either on his own or with the assistance of an advertising agency, though this this type of advertising is typically more expensive than the ones listed above.

8. Video Marketing
Saving the best for last, video marketing is taking the advertising world by storm and may soon making other forms of adverting virtually obsolete. It deserves an entire article, or two, or three, to itself, so please see one such post on Biz Salad for more, and arguably, invaluable information on video marketing and how it can boost your companies bottom line.
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